About the i-Science degree

i-Science is Leicester’s alternative to BSc Combined Science. A lot of the research problems we deal with at Leicester cross disciplinary boundaries. For instance an astrobiologist would be a better astrobiologist if they understood some biology as well as physics and astronomy. There are two big differences between i-Science and Combined Science.

One is that you take a specific i-Science course. i-Science students have their own department and the courses they take are written specifically for them. We open the course with a look at Stonehenge and the various scientific claims around it, so straight from the off you’re mixing archaeology with geology, physics and astronomy to try and test these claims.

The second difference is that we teach the course by PBL (Problem-Based Learning. In English that means that each module is more like a research project, so as well as learning the facts, you’re also learning the scientific process and research methods from a variety of disciplines. It’s a lot closer to how research scientists work, so we’re all quite excited about it here.

You can read more about it at the University of Leicester website.


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