Integrated Sciences – 100% successful

September 13, 2007

Time for a bit of auto-trumpet-blowing. The Integrated Sciences course this year has been 100% successful. By that I mean that every graduate, each single one, is either in graduate employment or on an extending education course like teacher-training. Not only can we tell prospective students at open days that industry is eager for a degree like this, we can back it up with a figure.

Congratulations to all the graduates.


The new iPods: Curiously unimpressive

September 6, 2007
“Show me another sales figure Steve.” Photo (cc) only alice.

Now I know how the dinosaurs felt when they saw small creatures running around with their new fur upgrades. There’s lots of excitement on the blogs about the new range, but I can’t see the point. To me yesterday’s iPod launch looks like a triumph of presentation of content.

For instance it started with Apple taking a step back with the iPod shuffles. The electronics are as before, but now you can buy it in a number of much more boring colours – and red. Either this is a cunning ploy by some marketing guy to push red Shuffles, or else it’s a deliberate downgrade so that next time around Steve Jobs can say how they’re improved the colours by reverting them back to the previous range,

The Nano was really overplayed. The step up from 2G to 4G at the cheap end and 4G to 8G at the higher end is welcome but hardly ground breaking after a couple of years, especially as there was already an 8G black nano. The design is ugly, but that might not be an issue – the big problem is video.
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