The Coolest Band at Live Earth

July 8, 2007

There were concerts on every continent for Live Earth, but only one band played the Antarctica gig. Nunatak are the house band of the Rothera research station operated by the British Antarctic Survey and are representing the continent because no-one can get in or out during the winter. It’s just a shame it’s a shame because it looks like the perfect venue for James Blunt.

The British Antarctic survey have added this video as part of their YouTube channel.


The Kubica Accident at Montreal

July 7, 2007

If you follow F1 then you’ll know about the massive crash suffered by Robert Kubica. There’s an argument for Kubica’s survival being a miracle by the previous Pope because Kubica is Polish. Less faithful persons might put Kubica’s safety down to the advances in Formula One cars over the past decade. Here’s an animation highlighting the parts of the car which may have saved his life.

via Be Lambic or Green.