Best Science Blogging

I suspect I’ve discovered three laws of blogging.

  1. You will always spot the embarrassing spelling or grammatical error immediately after pressing ‘publish’.
  2. The post which gets most attention will be the one where you accidentally omitted the word ‘not’ in a sentence, thus making you look ridiculous (or in my case more ridiculous than usual).
  3. No matter how good an idea it is Coturnix will have got there first.

In this last case he’s got something special planned to go with the Science Blogging Conference. He’s compiling a list of the best science posts, and would like your help. The best fifty will be published in a book, and be available in the New Year. The post on the suggestions made so far is a great guide to what is around on the net.

There’s not much archaeology in the list yet, but I haven’t suggested any archaeological posts so far. It’s not due to a shortage of suitable posts, but rather that there’s some really good stuff. Assuming they’re willing to be published.

I thought I was being clever about having an idea of compiling either science or history posts as a book some time in the future. I even thought specifically that it would be good if the Science Blogging Conference produced a book, but didn’t email that to him, as I assumed he had enough to do with organising the conference.

Anyhow, if you’ve found something you think should be in a best of science-blogging book then leave him a comment.


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