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Wonder of Phi
Science meets art and both are beaten soundly by maths in this post on the constant Phi, which is a constant and irrational number that keeps cropping up in nature. The video above is Pi rather than Phi, because as far as I know no-one has made a pop song about Phi. Donations in hard currency will ensure I don’t try and write one.

Zoning of the snails at Snail’s Tales.
Aydin Örstan is on a mission to tell the world how interesting snails are. With posts like this it looks a fairly easy task because they are interesting, though his writing helps. This is a post on the adaptability of snails to certain environments. Excellent photography and the rest of his blog is always interesting.

Crop Circle Failure
Phil Plait the Bad Astronomer has found the best quote I’ll read today in a news story on crop circles.

From crop circle designers and top-level researchers to the baffled farmers who usually find them, nobody really knows the origin of crop circles.

Visit his site for more comment.

This is graduate journal “for the discussion of science” from Toronto, which I found out about from Inkycircus. I’ve been reading the article Who Benefits From Science Blogging? [PDF] which leaves plenty of other stuff to read.

Oh and it turns out the climate isn’t changing – it’s just shagged out after a really long squawk. It’s all becoming clear now.


4 Responses to Seen Elsewhere

  1. alexmack says:

    Man… that’s twisted. I can see all the kids now:

    “Gangsta! That guy’s rappin’! Gotta get me summa that math bling!”

    Also, see how the fat kid got all excited by mention of pi? Nice…

  2. blumoon says:

    Are you absolutely positive you didn’t write this one? 😉

  3. Alun says:

    No, you’d know if it was my band. My band was the Regrets, named after the feelings our audience had if they turned up.

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