Underwater volcano found by Italy

Italian scientists have identified a huge underwater volcano 40km (25 miles) off the southern coast of Sicily.The base of the volcano – named after the Greek philosopher Empedocles – covers an area larger than Rome.

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Underwater volcano found by Italy

It’s not the first time the volcano has been seen. In 1831 it was discovered after an eruption caused it to break the surface of the sea. It was disocvered by the British Navy, who called it Graham Island. It was also claimed by the King of Naples who felt that it should belong to him, as it was a Mediterranean island close to Sicily, despite it being in international waters. France and Spain also made claims. There could have been a major diplomatic incident had it note eroded away by 1832.

There is a possibility that it could return and this time the Italians are ready. Divers have placed an Italian flag on the submerged peak.

The most interesting fact, which I got from the Wikipedia entry, is that the Americans have already bombed it because they saw it as a terror threat.

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