Ancient Science More Popular than Football

Giving a public talk at the same time as an England World Cup football match might seem foolhardy, but the regulars at Leicester's Cafe Scientifique showed that football was no match for a discussion of ancient Egyptian astronomy.  I expected to have no audience at all but was very pleasantly surprised by the level of interest on Tuesday 21st June.  Coming hot on the heels of the rather more formal EES Study Day, the atmosphere was more relaxed and the questions were the best I've had.

Nothing goes without a hitch, however, and someone in the organising committee must have thought that the title 'ancient Egyptian astronomy' was too pedestrian too draw an audience.  They had therefore publicised the talk as something to do with pyramid alignments instead, thereby perpetuating the idea that the only things worth talking about in Egypt are pyramids.  It seems that many areas of science are popularly characterised by a single issue, and that issue is, like the advertised title of my talk, not chosen by the practitioners themselves!


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